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The Liberty Physettes Club Takes on STEEIM

Liberty’s Physettes, a club for females passionate about science, is aiming to attract more members into their club through spreading the word about what their club is really about this year.

“We’re trying to get two for the price of one. We’re trying to get kids that are interested in environmental issues to also recognize that if you’re going to speak intelligently about environmental issues, you need to know some chemistry, some biology, and for sure some physics!” Physettes club advisor, Mark Buchli, said.

In keeping with this idea, The commonly used STEM acronym (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) has been transformed into the STEEIM acronym by the Physettes.

“Physettes want to say that they are more than just supporting STEM careers, so they’ve created their own acronym, STEEIM: Science, technology, engineering, environmental issues, and math,” Buchli said.

The Physettes have always been interested in environmental issues and do many environmentally based service projects, including planting trees. They also go on an annual carbon neutral field trip.

“We go to all these places and we calculate how much CO2 we produce, and then we use the U.S. forest services’ tree replacement calculator, to figure out how many trees we need to plant to offset the CO2 that we’re making with our driving,” said Buchli.

The Physettes want to be seen as a club focusing on a wide variety of sciences, fulfilling the interests of many people.

“By using the STEEIM acronym we are hoping to draw in kids less interested in the hard sciences and more interested in environmental issues. We’ve always been an environmentally conscience club.” Physettes club president, junior Christine Chappelle, said.

The Physettes want people to know that they aren’t really changing, but instead are now trying to draw in more members.

“Now we’re just tooting the horn and saying, ‘hey girls, want to be in a cool club?’” Buchli said.