Liberty students design green wall

Lorrin Johnson

Two Liberty High School seniors, Noelle Rauschendorfer and Timothy Johnson, are designing a “Green Wall” as a part of Phase Three of construction at Liberty.

The wall is being designed to provide aesthetic appeal as well as educational value. There are also hopes that the wall will offer a unique educational experience to the students at Liberty.

“Not only does it have an aesthetic appeal, in terms of I think we all like plants, but the wall will also provide an educational piece,” science teacher Mark Buchli said.

A green wall is a structure made of either steal or plastic, using a modular system to hold various types of plants. Water held behind the structure is used to sustain the plants, and allow them to grow and flourish.  The structure was originally hoped to be a standalone structure with two sides, but the plans are now geared towards a single wall.

“We are trying to design a structure that students can use to perform experiments upon, whether they’re in APES, AP Bio, chemistry, physics, whatever,” Buchli said.

Rauschendorfer and Johnson were first introduced to the project in Honors Physics.  Buchli offers each student in this class an opportunity to work on a project of their choice.

“I told Mr. Buchli that I was interested in Chemical Engineering and he suggested it [the green wall],” Johnson said.

The project is still in the design stage, and it is projected to be done along with phase three of construction in around December of 2014.

“It depends on the construction, and as we’ve seen construction takes a really long time, so we won’t see it done.  But the design is almost done, so it’s close,” Rauschendorfer said.

The two students are currently in the process of finding architects to build the wall, and once the designs are complete construction of the wall will ensue.

The wall is predicted to be located on the south side of the new library once the remodel is finished, near where the remaining 600’s building is located.