Key club gives back with Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Ellie Hohensinner

Key Club collected donations and raised money for Trick or Treat for UNICEF from Oct. 30 through Nov. 5 by collecting change around the school for woman and children in third-world countries.

“[Trick or Treat for UNICEF] is when all of the Key Clubbers go around with an orange box labeled ‘Trick or Treat’ for UNICEF and collect small donations of cash or change,” sophomore member Angela Tu said.

Trick or Treat for UNICEF’s money goes to a branch called the Eliminate Project. The Eliminate Project is aims to eliminate neonatal tetanus, in under-developed countries. The disease can be fatal for mothers and children who cannot get to a hospital or to sterile equipment at birth.

“The project focuses on giving women in Africa the proper vaccinations needed to eliminate diseases and death from maternal birth,” advisor Tonja Reischl said.

For every $1.80 donated and collected, one woman and her current and future children are protected from life threatening diseases, like neonatal tetanus and maternal tetanus. The money also goes towards tackling iodine deficiency disorders and buying new syringes, vaccines and staff to deliver the treatments.

“Even though $1.80 does not seem like a lot of money, and could not be very helpful to anyone, it actually is, and is for a really good cause,” Tu said.

Students carried the boxes around to classes and going on Halloween Night from Trick-or-Treating and on Halloween asking for donations instead of candy.

“All of the Key Clubbers were very enthusiastic about collecting the money. Since Liberty has such a big amount of students, it is great that we can give back,” Key Club President Akielly Hu said.

The total amount of donations last year from Liberty alone reached $1,200. With 70 students collecting money with boxes, the goal was to exceed last year’s success.

“We hope as a school that we can raise a lot of money to for UNICEF and save many lives for woman and children,” Hu said.