Honors Physics goes on an exploration of UW

Amanda Roberts

On Oct. 25, Honors Physics Teacher Mark Buchli’s took his class on a trip to the University of Washington.

One their way to the University, the students made a stop at Dick’s burgers where junior Nick Klatt beat a record by eating seven Dick’s deluxe burgers in a row.

“Nick was a balloon, and he put a hamburger in the balloon, and another one and another one until he ate 7 hamburgers! Everyone sitting around him was terrified that he was going to puke, but he didn’t,” junior Quinn Magendanz said.

When the students arrived to the university, they received a customized planetarium show with a focus on extreme energetic events in the universe, such as supernovas and quasars with an emphasis on neutrino production.

“The planetarium was really cool because the room was domed and it showed the entire universe that we could see from where we are which is only about a quarter of it,” junior Alec Bluhm said.

The class also received a lecture from physics professor R. Jeffery Wilkes.

“They understood where neutrinos are coming from and they went to get a talk from a physics professor on his neutrino research, he’s been working on neutrinos for almost 30 years, and he explained to them what his research involved,” Buchli said.