New parking lot vandalism raises security questions at LHS

Kendall Isner

Recently, seniors Jordy Lee and Kevin Longs’ cars were keyed in the Liberty parking lot.

The cars were keyed within a week of each other and park next to each other in the lot.

“The repair to my car will cost me $4,000 and I still have no idea who keyed me. It’s really frustrating,” Lee said.

When the new lot was created due to construction, cameras that were already in the area are unable to function and have not been replaced yet.

There are no security cameras or other devices that show the back parking lot where all Liberty students who do not carpool park.

“I don’t know why there aren’t any security cameras in the back parking lot. My car would have been better protected if there was more security,” Lee said.

Without cameras, Mr. Kinsley patrols the parking lots.

“We do try to be out and show a presence to keep people from doing those kinds of things,” Kinsley said.

“There isn’t a security system that can protect my car from this kind of damage even after I get it fixed,” Long said.

Although the damage did occur in the parking lot, there is nothing that states the school is liable.

“The school is not responsible for your cars; you guys sign this when you get your parking permits,” said Kinsley.

There will be new cameras installed in the back parking lot once the Performing Arts Center is open. The construction will be complete by mid-December.