Hard work: what Montalvo does for Issaquah School District

Sam Kelderman, Staff Writer

Many of the jobs Montalvo has at Liberty go unnoticed. Liberty students know him as the guy who catches speeders before and after school, fights to keeps us safe, and makes sure we obey the laws. However, Montalvo does much more than the obvious duties of a police officer to enhance the level of safety, proficiency and education at our school.

Deputy Montalvo’s daily schedule starts with monitoring the campus in the morning to watch for and deter reckless drivers. After students go to class, Montalvo drives to Briarwood and monitors the crosswalks to ensure there are no cars speeding in the school zone. He does this for Maple Hills, Apollo and Newcastle as often as two to three times per day.

He also goes to many Liberty sporting events to make sure people don’t get out of hand, and tests students who bring illegal substances or narcotics to school.

“I have to test students for illegal substances, which Liberty has very little of, and I am very appreciative of that,” Montalvo said. “There are very few students that I have to charge for possession of narcotics.”

He frequently works with Ron Thruelsen’s driver’s education classes, where he shows a DUI simulation to the students. However, this is just one example of how he aids in our education.

“I go into Mrs. Cooke’s class and together we go through fourth amendment search and seizure rights,” Montalvo said. “Usually, Mr. Almy comes into her class with me as well and the students ask us questions.”

Students and staff alike are appreciative of Montalvo’s work and experience.

“He’s done just about anything you can do for the King County Sheriff’s office, so he has so much experience,” school security officer Jon Kinsley said. “The knowledge that he brings here just helps us all do our jobs better, and makes sure you guys are safe.”