Humans of Liberty: Anna Woldstad (11)

Gabe Waldbaum, Editor-In-Chief

“I want to be the acting form of Babe Ruth. I’ll send photos of myself to my fans for 35 cents and people will drive miles in their pickup trucks to see me act. This is why I have a big fear of going blind because I want to go into film. So I figure if I go blind I can’t watch movies, I can’t tell people how to act, and I can’t get my staging right. One day, I want to go to the Oscars, and I want to take Joey Hughes because I asked if he would go to the Oscars with me and he said yes. I would preferably go nominated but it would be cool just to go. Acting for me is so much fun because you get to take a break from being yourself. It’s just nice because sometimes being yourself is crazy and it kind of sucks when you have a lot of stuff going on in your brain. In the morning, I like to dress like I’m a character in a West Anderson movie. When I need something to look forward to in the morning, sparkling tights or a Peter Pan collar does it for me.”