Reflecting on a year with Covid-19

What are the patriots’ last memories before school closed?

We remember…

  • “Everyone running around in the halls and someone had to go on the intercom and tell us to go back to class”
  • “My last class was tech theater. We were about to start making costumes for the musical”
  • “Sitting in the J-Lab watching Inslee’s live stream. I didn’t know what was going on”
  • “Watching the live broadcast in my history class and everyone was cheering”
  • “Going to DECA State and not being able to shake the judges’ hands”
  • “Thinking that it was only going to last six weeks when it was first announced”
  • “Daughters making us clean the J-Lab with Clorox wipes”
  • “Running around to get our stuff and go home like it was the greatest thing when it really wasn’t”
  • “Kids screaming in the hallways just after the shutdown announcement”
  • “Mr. Level’s face when school got canceled”
  • “At Bellevue College, I was studying for a test in the Math lab, and I was staying at school pretty late. While I was there, the tutors said the campus was shut down the next day. A bit later, the college shut down due to a shooting that happened nearby. Ever since I’ve been doing online school for Running Start”
  • “Thinking six weeks was so long because it’s almost as long as summer break”
  • “Having my SAT canceled the night before I was supposed to take it on March 14”

Should we go back to school?

  • “The year is almost over so we might as well take extra precautions and wait until next year when it’s safer”
  • “As a senior with two months of real school left, I’d rather finish out online”
  • “We all should wait until fall to bring in people. It’s the safest that way, and it avoids confusion”
  • “I would be excited about going back as long as Covid-19 restrictions are followed”
  • “We better be back in person soon”
  • “I would rather finish the rest of this school year online instead of trying to rush it”
  • “I’d rather finish online because it would be too messy with different schedules”
  • “I’d rather finish the semester online, but if we go back I would have to go”
  • “I feel like there should be more vaccine distribution first”
  • “I would rather finish this school year online”
  • “I think we should require vaccines for both the teachers and students as a safety measure”

Do you think we should go back to school this year?

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