Understanding Depression Continued

Nathan Dahm

On the other hand, it is possible for a person to be too sensitive; this usually is seen as a chief cause of depression. Holding on to too much information, or information that does not necessarily matter, is a primary cause of anxiety, and a primary cause of depression.

“All of the little details, the complexities, are what muddle [a person’s] train of thought,”school psychologist Julie Herren said.”There is an issue with prioritizing what matters and what doesn’t.”

These these complexities are what result in depression—the anxieties of feeling too much pressure make a person feel inadequate and inept at dealing with the complexities they encounter in daily life.

   A large factor that can cause depression to advance into suicidal thoughts is one’s own learned solutions—comprised of both factors inside and outside—to daily problems that he or she encounters. If a person believes there is no way out and sees suicide as a viable solution to end his or her feelings of despair, then suicide may be the action that the person attempts.

Finally, a critical factor that can cause suicide is a lack of knowledge and prevention. Prevention can save lives, yet most students are weary of the topic and, even though they normally are the first to know of a friend’s depression, avoid the subject as much as possible. “I know students don’t normally take these things seriously,” counselor Maren Holzinger said, “but it’s important that they notify a counselor or adult so that the person can get help… I would rather have someone be mad at me than be dead.”