Abusing Adderall

Trevor Sytsma and Grant Rayfield

Often abused because it allows users to study more effectively, enhance academic performance, and experience a sense of euphoria, Adderall can have many benefits to any person.  Doctors have found that it is relatively easy to fake the symptoms of ADD and be diagnosed,  and for this reason many more people abuse Adderall than other ADD drug.

But using Adderall in this way, without actually being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, is considered illegal abuse, especially when injected, snorted, or stuffed into the body.

Because of its ability to help people concentrate, Adderall is often abused by those who don’t have ADD or ADHD for long, rigorous tests, like finals or the SAT. And because Adderall heightens the senses, it is sometimes abused simply for parties.

Adderall is an unconditionally addictive drug, and although it’s not physically addictive, the emotional effects make the user feel as if they need to keep using it.

In rare cases, adolescents who abused Adderall have been known to have epileptic seizures or even mild cases of schizophrenia induced by overuse of Adderall.