Flushed away forever

Maiya Lester, Backpage Editor

Have you ever had a place where you could ditch class with your friends, take a quick drag, get a third period haircut, or participate in Liberty surveys via the permanent marker on the stalls? We had this place, and we lost it. Today we are gathered here to mourn the loss of the PAC bathroom. 

The PAC was an extraordinary place. It was filled with laughter, smiles, and lemon tart vape. It provided a relaxing place to gather and recollect our thoughts before returning to the classes we barely attended in the first place. 

Not to be dramatic, but being next to the drama room was the best! There were fewer teachers patrolling the area and checking it out. I can’t begin to comprehend where we will hang out now. The art hall bathrooms are the strongest contenders because the noise of the woodsaws should drown out any noise we make. But unlike the PAC, it only has one hallway connected to it and God knows we don’t want to get caught by Captain Deehr. No bathroom compares to the PAC bathroom. 

The PAC had this charming, rustic, cottage feel. While it was smaller than most other Liberty bathrooms, it had more heart than all of them combined. It was decorated with sayings (“shake it off, shake it off”) and anatomically-incorrect drawings. It was Liberty’s very own MoPOP. With toilet paper carpets and paper towel curtains, you wanted to be there. It felt like home.  

We will all miss the PAC. It lived a good, full life and it was always there for us, no matter what period it was. Besides every single adult at this school, everyone loved the PAC and who knows, maybe we can have the PAC resurrected. But until then we bid adieu to the bathroom that was taken too soon.