Ethan Jackson, Backpage Editor

The teacher’s lounge continues to fascinate students. An oasis for teachers, it’s full of all the things that students want and dream about. From good food, comfortable couches, tvs and more, the teacher’s lounge is whatever our imaginations want it to be. But, what really goes on in the teacher’s lounge? Is it really the oasis we imagine? Or is it full of PG-13 things? I’ve interviewed various students and teachers around Liberty to get a good consensus on what goes on in the teacher’s lounge.

Teachers run an illegal gambling ring on their underground boxing club

Let’s be real, teachers surely cannot find everything at school interesting. Does Mr. Kennedy really want to think about integrals all day? No. Teachers crave some sort of entertainment– just like us students. Why not be entertained while making some money?. Many students believe the teachers here at Liberty have an underground boxing club going on. Why else would the tables in the lounge be arranged in a box pattern? 

Teachers compete in boxing matches during their lunch in which other teachers can place bets on. Each teacher fights someone in their weight-class, and the score is determined either through a knockout or through total punches hit. Rumor on the street is bets have ranged from one dollar, all the way to 1,000. It is also rumored that Mr. Kennedy has won all of his fights especially as he benches 315 (or so he claims). Next time you see a teacher running late to class, you may now know why… 


Teachers are trying to look fresh just like students are. Don’t you find it funny that bathrooms were shut down because our local barbers were cutting hair in the bathroom, even though teachers are doing the same thing in the teacher’s lounge!

Ever notice that Mr. Anderson, Mr. Hall, Mr. Alesworth, and Mr. Hausenfluck are pulling up to class with a fresh skin-fade? Well it’s because they are getting trims at lunch. My sources and I aren’t sure who is doing the cuts but I think it can be inferred that the student bathroom barbers were shut down to start working for the teachers. I’ve heard the argument that “oh these teachers just lack a little bit of hair,” but come on. Surely someone as young as Mr. Anderson wouldn’t be balding at that age… 

Teacher’s plotted the start of the potty fiasco

Yep, you heard it hear first. The potty disaster that shut down our school for a day wasn’t just an accident. It was a plotted attack. Apparently the teachers were getting behind and tired in the start of the year, so a couple of them came together to figure out a way to shut down the school. Through various phases of debating, they decided someone was going to cook up the most delicious, yet gut wrenching food, and hope that someone would have problems. Welp, I think it worked…

Mr. Crowley has a cutlery business 

Via various resources and footage, I have seen and discovered that Mr. Crowley has a passion for cutlery. One day I was walking to lunch and I saw Mr. Crowley with a metal fork in his back pocket. I questioned it at first so I decided to pursue the case and follow him to the teachers lounge. When I arrived, there was a cart sitting in their full of shelves of different assorted cutlery. From forks, spoons and knives, to sporks, teaspoons, and fruit forks. It was quite the wild sight. 

Teachers gossip

After several scientific studies were conducted, it was found that teachers are in fact creatures with a high rate of gossiping.. Always get on a teacher’s good side because you don’t know what they have to say to other teachers. It’s like a waterfall effect. One teacher says something to a couple others, and it keeps on going until virtually every staff member of Liberty high school dislikes you (speaking from personal experience). The nonchalant chit chat over some snacks leads to deep and dark secrets being shared.

Teachers have created a Michelin Star restaurant  

Above the gossip, teachers have found a passion in trying to become chefs. With several interviews and secret cameras hidden in questionable places, I have found that teachers love to eat and share their love of food. Ms. Cooke is known to use a lovely blend of peanut butter and jelly to create a fantastic sandwich served on white bread. Mr. Level brings his bag of gourmet pizza made in a brick oven, often impressing Italians in its eloquence. He often raves about the taste and any person with the opportunity to try it would be lucky.