Halloween Costume Ideas (to get you in with the it crowd)

Emily Allard, Backpage Editor

  • Principal Brownson
    • A lot of people will dress up as their idols for Halloween – a Disney princess or a favorite celebrity perhaps. Here at Liberty, there is only one person you should look up to–our principal. Whip out your WSU merch (he is a proud alum) along with some simple blue jeans and you are good to go! If you really want to perfect the look, snag a copy of his school photo and make yourself a fake keycard. 
  • Patriot mascot
    • This is a great way to show some extra school spirit! Channel your inner revolutionary spirit with a colonial tricorn hat and militia coat (make sure they are blue and green)! To complete the look, walk around holding an American flag and looking as though you’re constipated to emanate that revolutionary rage.
  • Your favorite class officer
    • Besides our beloved principal, the only other people you should look up to are your class officers. To dress up as the top dog, or in other words, our executive board president Thomas Dawson, just put on a Liberty t-shirt and an old pair of skinny jeans with a Birkenstock and sock combo. Then, run around school flaunting your school spirit. To really get into character, get on the intercom and lead the pledge of allegiance. 
  • Your favorite teacher 
    • If you’re after some extra credit, try dressing up as your teacher! Most of them have a distinct style that will be easy to replicate (e.g. Mr. Benjamin = simple dry-fit tee and cargo shorts, Mr. Hall = Liberty football sweatshirt and blue jeans). Get your whole class on board for an awesome surprise! Teachers love it when you imitate their behavior and repeat every single word they say.