Meet the characters of Mamma Mia!

From fun-filled party scenes to funky ABBA tunes and humorous drama, Mamma Mia! is the perfect light-hearted show for the Patriot Players to wow the crowd with. Here to answer some juicy questions in preparation for the show are Donna Sheridan (senior Makayla Burley), Sam Carmichael (senior Jack Faris), Sophie Sheridan (senior Malavika Brijesh), Harry Bright (senior Nate Boulton), Bill Austin (junior Aidan DeCarvalho), Tanya (senior Samantha Klein), Rosie (senior Emelia Hartford), Pepper (senior CJ Williams), Eddie (junior Logan Winfield), Lisa (junior Elle Spahn), Ali (sophomore Sophia Mostrom), and some island residents (sophomore Charlie Newton, junior Jocelyn Hood, and sophomore Alexa Lim).

Samantha Klein, Entertainment Editor


Q: Why do you think you’re Sophie’s dad?

A: Well she’s absolutely not Bill’s or Harry’s! Plus, Donna and I… got it on. 

Q: Describe the musical in one sentence

A: It’s not about Sophie or the dads, it’s about Donna.


Q: Why do you think you’re Sophie’s dad?

A: When I met Sophie, she knew a song I wrote called “Thank You for the Music”. I believe Donna taught her this song because I’m her father. 


Q: How do you feel about Sophie and Sky’s wedding?

A: I think Sophie is too good for him and they’re rushing into things. She seems very stressed, I keep seeing her running around the Taverna crying.


Q: How do you feel about the three men who showed up to the island

A: It’s certainly adding some excitement to this place! But the timing could not be worse. Poor Donna is already stressed beyond belief about her daughter’s wedding, and the last thing she needs are three grown men she has to babysit. 


Q: Why do you think you’re Sophie’s dad?

A: She’s an adventurer, you know? She has all these experiences and she wants to see the world. Also, there’s gotta be a connection between her name being Sophie and my aunt being named Sophia. There’s no such thing as a coincidence.