John Wick: Chapter Four: A non-stop action thriller

William Sweeney, Staff Writer

When the first John Wick movie was released in 2014, it received much praise for its tight, fast-paced action sequences and classic story that revolved around a man seeking revenge against the man who killed his dog. Nine years and three movies later, the John Wick franchise has exploded, with John Wick: Chapter 4 raking in nearly 250 million dollars at the box office. 

After seeing the movie, Liberty students praised the constant action on screen and the fantastic cinematography.

“The movie had much better characters, sets, and cinematography even compared to the previous three movies,” sophomore Ryder Pollutro said.

  As usual with the John Wick franchise, the movie featured some exceptionally creative fight scenes, from nunchucks to dragon’s breath shotguns and even a character who uses a dog to fight alongside him.

“My favorite part of the movie was the dog,” sophomore Nathan Heim said. “It was awesome to see it fight alongside some of the main characters.”

However, it was more than just the action that Liberty students discussed. Students also noticed the movie’s fantastic visuals and locations, with the film’s setting taking place worldwide.

“I loved all of the different settings in the movie,” Pollutro said. “John Wick was going crazy in Japan, Germany, Morocco, France, and the United States.”

Although there was much positivity about John Wick’s fourth installment, there were a few complaints, one of which was about some of the action at the beginning of the film.

“Some of the action scenes dragged on a bit too long and many of the moves during the fight got repetitive,” Pollutro said. “After a while, the fighting gets too predictable and you get desensitized to it.”

Another complaint some students had was that John Wick often breaks the laws of physics to keep the story moving.

“There are a few scenes in the movie where John Wick survives something that no other person could,” said Heim. “In one scene, John Wick literally jumps out of a four-story building window and remains almost unharmed.”

Despite a few shortcomings, students and movie critics agree that John Wick: Chapter 4 is a fantastic action movie, with giving the movie a score of 94 percent.

“This movie felt like the ultimate John Wick film,” Pollutro said. “I pirate 90% of the movies I watch, but on this special occasion, this is a movie worth every cent to see on the big screen.