Top 3 ways to start off the new semester

Ethan Jackson, Backpage Editor

  1. Procrastinate, Procrastinate, Procrastinate

-The best way to start off the new semester has to be procrastinating.. You should put off the work to hang out with friends and do any other thing you like. Let it build up and just spend a day at the end of the semester catching up on everything. Your grades will thank you.

2. Park in a Teacher Spot with a Yellow Pass

-The worst thing you can do is be late to class– you don’t want Mr. Kennedy bestowing shame upon you from day one. So, park right in the front of the school in a teacher spot when you’re running late and get to class on time! It’s the best way to get on the good side of teachers. Mr Kinsley is known to give you a treat for parking in a teacher spot!

3. Say Senioritis around Ms. Daughters

– Rumor on the street says that Ms. Daughters absolutely lovessss when you say Senioritis. I even heard she will give you a free A and some candy. When the new semester starts I’m going to start off on a good note with Ms. Daughters and say Senioritis.