Thanksgiving recap

Emily Allard, Backpage Editor

Dear Diary, 

I just got back from my family’s four-day Thanksgiving get-together, and it went wonderfully! It started out on Wednesday with ten peaceful hours in the airport with my sweet, hormonal little twelve-year-old sister. She only cried five times, which is an all-time low for her! I’d consider that one a success.

Once we finally arrived at my grandma’s quaint little one-story house in rural Wyoming, I got to spend the night in a room with five of my younger cousins and share a bed with my sister! It was an amazing bonding experience, especially when I found out that my sister kicks in her sleep and that my little cousins use CoComelon as white noise.

Thanksgiving day is when things got even better. Dinner itself was just lovely! The family’s annual political argument only lasted two hours this year, the second win of the trip. Plus, once we all sat down for dinner, I was able to escape the estranged woman who kept swearing that she had met me when I was a baby and wouldn’t stop talking about how grown I looked.

The one minor inconvenience was when my aunt (whose son is currently at Harvard) started interrogating me about my grades. No one seemed to believe that it wasn’t my fault that my last math test was borderline impossible. Next time, I’d like to see them try to prove a trigonometric identity before they even think about insulting me. 

The rest of Thanksgiving itself was nothing special. Turns out my sister sleeps much more peacefully when she’s severely bloated. Black Friday was yet another success. Only one of my cousins got trampled at Walmart, yet another victory! I even saved five whole dollars on a $300 TV. It was definitely worth the concussion I got from wrestling someone’s grandma! This was for sure the best Thanksgiving I’ve had in a while. Hoping next year’s family gathering is just as great!