Poo-poo pondering

Chiara Bettelli Oukka, Staff Writer

Some people start their morning off with a good cup of coffee or a morning jog; I start my morning off by going to the Liberty bathroom. There is something Charmin’no…not just the toilet paperabout walking through such a clear, pure environment. There is nothing more riveting than opening a stall door and seeing a detailed depiction of human genitalia.  

As a student, I have the opportunity to express my opinion; I feel accomplished as I cast my vote for “face” on the most attractive female attribute tally chart. A real push for feminism no doubt.   

I wholeheartedly appreciate the maturity of profanity scribbled on the walls, happy that similar intellectuals utilize the same lingo as I.

As I perform excretion, I can’t hold my amazement at the bright minds at Liberty. I see within my peers great poets: “girls>guys ong”, talented philosophers: “Capitalism is making you sick” and gifted storytellers: “Bro life = more life.”   

I interpret these words as a cry for justice, truly “letters from a Renton jail.” I know that these messages will be a piece of Liberty history– the words of courageous martyrs rebelling against the oppression of cleanliness. WE must recognize the true activism here, one to rival that of Ghandi or Hellen Keller.

Some say that not all that glitters is gold but all that is gold in bathroom glitters. Here, I am home. The bathroom is a temple and the bathroom vandalism is my scripture. These words of power and encouragement make me feel like I can walk on water, literally and figuratively.

I leave, satisfied…