Fall fashion bops and flops

Sofia Brown, Senior Writer

Picture a perfect fall day:  You walk outside and feel the cool air in your flannel and ugg boots–wait, what year are we in? Fashion trends are ever-changing, and due to social media, trend cycles don’t last nearly as long as they used to.  As the time for fall fashion is drawing nearer, we must ask ourselves: what will stick around and what is just another week-long TikTok trend?


Our first bop of the season is grandpa sweaters. These have been gaining popularity, especially since the recent rise of thrifting. They have been in many liberty students’ closets for a few months, and taking a walk through the hallways will show you that people have started breaking them out for the fall season. While some may describe them as ugly, it’s evident that they just don’t understand the vibe of a grandpa sweater.  Overall they provide a comfy and cozy feeling that encapsulates the “sweater weather” look many seek to fulfill their autumnal outfits.

Next up we have corduroy pants. Another new fall staple that often is paired with grandpa sweaters, corduroy pants also do an excellent job of encouraging a nice fall mood. Corduroy pants are not only fashionable but also manage to keep you pretty warm and comfortable which is perfect for when the weather starts to get colder.  


 The first trend on the chopping block is leg warmers. A fashion trend of the 80s, leg warmers have come back to a teen audience and are part of a ballerina-esque style. While they might look cool, they just seem impractical in our Washington weather. Since they are mostly knit or sweater material and worn so close to the feet, they end up getting wet and uncomfortable with just a few steps taken outside.

I might get flamed for this but my last flop for fall fashion is flannel pajama pants. We get it, you live in Washington, but please at least wear sweatpants. They might not have always been bad but when I am forced to face them every day at school I begin to lose hope in the fashion sense of our school. 

***If I dissed your fall fave please don’t attack me in the hallway, this is just my personal opinion