The Patriot Press Summer Playlist

Vincent Le, Entertainment Editor


Believe it or not, this strange, unprecedented school year is coming to an end—in one week, to be exact! Tedious Zoom classes, nerve-racking AP exams, and daunting Canvas “To-Do” lists are finally exiting our lives for the summer. And with more time and more vaccines being distributed, more of the activities we have missed are returning at last—pool parties, picnics, late-night drives, and more. But while already stimulating on their own, these summer activities all require one element to ensure maximum euphoria: the perfect playlist. 

Luckily for you, The Patriot Press has compiled a Spotify playlist that comprises a plethora of songs recommended by Liberty High School’s very own newspaper staff! With upbeat, popular hits like “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo and “Dynamite” by BTS, this playlist is not only perfect for dance parties and lip-sync battles, but it also guarantees hours of energetic, music-filled summer fun. 

Below shows a QR code that leads you to The Patriot Press Summer Playlist on Spotify. If you realize over the summer that whatever you’re doing could use some more excitement, you know where to find this playlist. Just click on the link. Enjoy!