Zodiac signs and teaching: a totally scientific study (not)

Serena Sherwood, Editorial Board Member

Zodiac signs have always been blamed for everything good and bad about life. Forgot your lunch at home? It’s okay, Mercury is in retrograde. Woke up on Monday feeling surprisingly refreshed for an in-person school day? That’s just because we’re getting a Saturn new moon. When it comes to classes, though, can the zodiac signs of our teachers impact their teaching? 

Mr. Kennedy – Taurus

Tauruses are incredibly stubborn and strong-willed, which fits well with Kennedy’s style of teaching. He won’t stop until every student knows the material, even if it means doing review problems for the entire class period.

Señora Noon – Gemini

Noon’s Gemini sun makes her the perfect language teacher. She’s able to switch between languages as easily as Gemini switches personalities. Bringing in new ways to teach Spanish matches a Gemini’s need to communicate freely. 

Mr. Level – Aquarius

As an Aquarius, Level tends to lean towards the unique and dramatic, which must be why he practically performs the entirety of Macbeth to all of his students.

Mr. Tanner – Aries

Don’t give Aries a bad rap just because they’re the fiercest of all the zodiacs. The passion emulated by Tanner when he’s teaching matches the search for dynamics and speed that comes with being an Aries.

Mr. Buchli – Pisces

Pisces are the quirkiest of the zodiac signs, which is a perfect fit for the quirkiest teacher known to Liberty. Pisces individuals are known for their willingness to push the boundaries and make changes, especially when it comes to something they’re passionate about, like getting students excited about science.  

Ms. Schneider – Libra

Our resident Queen of Chemistry, Schneider is a Libra, a sign known for people who always put others before themselves. Maybe that’s why her late work policy is so generous?

Whether or not you believe in astrology, it’s hard to deny the differences between some of Liberty’s most iconic teachers. Could when they were born really be the cause behind these differences? Probably not, but it’s fun to imagine. Maybe if we were able to figure out their moon and rising, then we could actually get some definite answers.