6 things to do with your friends this summer

We lost a whole summer to Covid-19 last year, and as social distancing restrictions begin to loosen with the arrival of summer break, it’s the perfect time to hang out with your friends after months of not seeing them. Below are six ideas that are sure to make your summer packed with fun!

Elizabeth Yan, Editorial Board Member

Hike Mt. Rainier

Whether you’re looking for a difficult climb, hoping to catch a glimpse of Paradise’s wildflower glades, relaxing at the top of the mountain, or voyaging to Sunrise, there is something at Mt. Rainier for everyone, especially those traveling with friends. With over 60 trails to choose from and some of the best views in Washington, hiking Mt. Rainier is sure to be an amazing bonding experience and a memory you will treasure.


Tour Pike Place Market

From flower-picking and tasting fresh fruits to lounging at the park and visiting some of Seattle’s coolest exhibits, Pike Place Market is full of unique things to do. For a fun adventure, try to complete all of these tasks: offer a tribute to the Gum Wall, feed Rachel the Pig, see the world’s largest collection of giant shoes, visit Golden Age Collectibles, watch a fish fly at Pike Place Fish (or even catch one as a VIP), learn a magic trick at the Market Magic Shop, see a show at Unexpected Productions, find the “Seattle-lights” of Pike Place Market, and check out Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream for an old-school experience.


Visit the Woodland Park Rose Garden

Near the Woodland Park Zoo, this city-run garden receives vast assortments of roses before they’re accessible to the public. Take photos with your friends, admire the view, and soak up the sun exploring a place that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale.


Try out an escape room

Sometimes the summer heat is just too much, and staying inside with air-conditioning is the way to go. Escape rooms are a great way to enjoy your summer with the accompaniment of your friends. Collect clues in a themed room within one hour to finish your mission and “break out” of the room. You can choose from many different themes, such as getting out of a jail cell, discovering lost gold, or dispatching a Martian space apparatus. To get started, visit Quest Factor to choose from over 10 different themes.


Beat the heat at Wild Waves

Wild Waves tops the list as a site to visit during the summer.  It’s got all you need to execute an effortlessly fun day with food, rides, roller coasters, water, and even movies any day you go. Float down the Konga Lazy River, flip around on the Wild Thing, and swing around on the Timber Axe. One thing’s for sure: this park will keep you entertained for hours and leave you wanting more!


Paint the Town

For a fun and relaxing activity, visit Paint the Town in University Village to create unique and personal pieces of ceramic bowls, mugs, plates, and statues. No experience or reservations are necessary; they provide the materials and you provide the creativity! Stop by with your friends and make matching items to bring a piece of the memories back home!