The Best Pixar Movies of All Time

Rachel Hines, Staff Writer

As we get into second semester, it’s easy to begin to feel drained. But what better way to reignite your drive to work hard and follow your dreams than by watching some childhood classics? Below, I’ve compiled a list of the greatest Pixar movies that will be sure to lift any bad mood and remind you of the good ol’ days.









6th: Up

Up will send you soaring through an adventure like no other. Its immaculate storytelling full of wit and depth, as well as gorgeous animation that brings 2D to life, creates a beloved Pixar masterpiece. However, Up wouldn’t be the successful film it is without the main star: the dog. Complete with a speaking device that fulfills the little kid curiosity in all of us, the happy-go-lucky dog, Dug, puts Up on the map.

5th: Cars

Speed. I am speed. You’re in for a fast-paced adventure full of energy, heart, and nostalgia with Cars. A now childhood classic, Cars presents a visual treat with beautiful animation that sets it apart from other movies. Despite its basic storyline of self-discovery, its Route 66 references paired with iconic musical pieces, such as “Life is a Highway,” make Cars a favorite during all phases of life.

4th: Coco

Nothing compares to the rich visual experience Coco provides. The attention to detail in the animation and the vibrant colors are unmatched. Through a heartfelt tribute to Mexican culture, Coco tells a thoughtful, unique, and universal story about the importance of family. After watching this film, no one can resist humming along to the catchy songs of “Un Poco Loco” and “Remember Me.”

3rd: Wall-E

Stellar from start to finish, this charming love story of two robots brings to light important environmental issues. With its lovable and goofy protagonist Wall-E, this movie will capture the heart of any viewer while also offering relevant criticism on consumerism. In a beautiful blend of simplicity and surprising sophistication, Wall-E will always remain a favorite of both children and adults. 

2nd: Soul

Soul is a film beautifully bursting with magic, music, and meaning. Through the story of Joe, a band teacher with a passion for jazz, Pixar takes you on a journey that describes what it truly means to be alive. The creativity displayed in Soul, from the plot to the playful animation of the afterlife, gives this film the right to claim 2nd place. While Soul may be a family-friendly movie, don’t let that fool you; this art piece marries the complex topics of religion, science, and philosophy into a heartwarming reminder to live in the moment.

1st: Ratatouille

With a creative plot and stunning animation, Ratatouille stakes its claim as best of the best. While this may be a film about a simple rat who follows his dreams and becomes a chef in Paris, it is also so much more. In a love letter to the art of cooking, Ratatouille reveals what a great artist is and inspires many to follow their dreams. Released in 2007, this film is an uplifting tale that lives on in pop culture today.


Honorable mentions: Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, Inside Out, and Toy Story