Which games are the easiest to play during Zoom classes?

Felicia Le, Staff Writer

Let’s be honest—we all get distracted during class, sometimes only half paying attention to the teacher while in the classroom. Since online school has started, multitasking during class is easier than ever, and perhaps one of the most common activities is gaming.

The game variety is surprisingly wide, ranging from old school to recent, but all are played for the same reason—they’re easy to get away with.

Among Us, a newly popular game, might be the easiest to play because it can be installed on a mobile device or a computer, and no verbal communication is required. 

Older than Among Us but just as fun is Minecraft. This old-school game has surprising perks when it comes to gaming during class, such as the ability to mute and easily switch tabs.

Minecraft keeps my hands from fidgeting and my mind from wandering. I actually find it easier to listen during lectures and classes when I have something to do with my hands,” sophomore Jack Faris said.

Some games that are harder to play include Valorant, League of Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege because they are constantly online. They also require communication with other players, which makes it more difficult to multitask.

Gaming disrupts Zoom calls, but Zoom calls disrupt gaming. Some find it difficult to play because of the frequent maintenance that Zoom requires.

“Zoom calls make it super annoying to game because every time a Zoom call starts or you get put into a waiting room, Zoom tabs you out of your game,” Liberty student Dirigible Montgomery* said.

Whether this trend will become the norm depends on how soon we return to in-person school. While this habit might have negative effects on academic growth, it is up to the students to take responsibility for their learning.

*Name is changed to protect privacy.