How to glow-up during Quarantine


Raquel Rossi, Opinion Editor

  • Don’t push back your school work! This seems like a trick, but if you do nothing over this break and then stress yourself out trying to finish assignments before you get back, your appearance will show it. There’s nothing that wrecks your skin like stress. So go to your Zoom meetings, do those optional assignments and get caught up on your school work so that you can be glowing and successful when you get back to school.
  • Get some sleep! You don’t have to pull all-nighters to get those assignments in anymore, so manage your time so that you can get a full eight-hours or more of shut-eye. Sleep is a magical thing and you can go from a half awake zombie to a fully-functioning human being with just a few more hours of sleep added to your schedule.
  • Work out! The gym closing doesn’t mean you have to just sit on the couch, eating and watching Netflix all day. Get off of the couch, find an open space in your house, and work out. A fun way to do this may be by pulling up YouTube home workout routines or by watching your parents’ old home workout videos. Then, by the time you can go outside, you’ll be toned and ready for the outside world.
  • Clean your room! You’re probably spending way more time in your room than usual, so try to make it a nice space to be in. Clean out your closet, get your laundry back in their rightful place, and maybe even get rid of things you don’t use anymore. Then, you’ll have an organized and decluttered living space which can make it easier to get ready in the morning. You’ll know where everything is and be able to look put together once you have somewhere to go again.
  • Eat well! Try to eat your fruits and vegetables during this break, especially because you probably aren’t eating out as much as you used to. But this could be a good thing! This allows you to keep a closer eye on what you’re eating and maybe even try out some recipes. You could carry this over to meal prepping when school gets back in session, which could save you money and make you healthier.