Fashion is changing in quarantine

Madeline Parrish, Staff Writer

You may be stuck indoors with nowhere to go and no one to see, but that doesn’t have to stop you from dressing your absolute best. Quarantine has changed what many people consider trendy outfits, so don’t be afraid to pull out those sweatpants and relax in style. 

There are two types of styles trending in quarantine. The first being a three day old, oversized t-shirt look and another being an, “Oh you need me to go to Safeway? Let me grab my prom dress,” look. 

“My go-to outfit in quarantine is probably the sweats that I wore 8 days in a row until they were so gross I had to pressure wash them with bleach,” junior Madeline Wood said.

Everyone’s favorite day in school is pajama day, so why not make every day pajama day?

“I like wearing my pajamas. I wear them all day. I don’t change,” sophomore Liv Teves said. 

On the other side of fashion, we have the classy “not-so” outing wear. This look is great for those late night spontaneous urges to get dressed for no reason. 

Some fashion businesses have been flourishing with herds of online shoppers. This is a guaranteed way to cure quarantine boredom. 

“I recently went on a huge shopping spree after seeing a site with really cute summer clothes on TikTok,” senior Laura Kouzmanova said. 

 Whether you’ve been dressing up or dressing down, quarantine has certainly impacted fashion choices.