Simple Art Projects for People Who Can’t Art

Bored because there’s a raging virus running rampant outside and it’s obviously the best choice to stay inside and socially distance yourself from others so you don’t infect yourself or anyone within your vicinity? Well, here’s a list of fun and simple art projects you can do from the safety of your home!

Naomi Sato, Staff Writer

Project 1: I love collages so much because they’re a prettier and cooler version of puzzles. And before you start whining about how you need to waste your printer ink printing aesthetic photos, I’ll stop you. Here’s a list of items you can use in your collage: cut outs from magazines or newspapers, pages from an old book you have no intention of reading, clothing tags, receipts, movie tickets, wrapping paper, paper bags from the grocery store, Polaroids, packaging for cosmetics, post-it notes, paint samples, stickers, masking tape, and the list goes on. Other elements you can add are: dried plants, paint, lettering, small doodles, glitter, dripped coffee or tea, lipstick, etc. 

Project 2: First write your name normally (make sure to write it pretty big) and write it again on top of your name that you just wrote. Then, write your name in cursive on top of your name again. Now, color in the spaces! Get creative with your color scheme or use a random array of colors! 

Here’s a link to a video:

Project 3: Rewrite a word or phrase repeatedly on a page. Again, get creative; play with the color or colors, write in cursive, or write in different fonts. If you’re feeling fancy, get a piece of paper, doodle on it, and glue it to the center of your page. 


Project 4: This can be as simple or as complicated as you want. I generally stick to a cityscape-like style. If you want to keep it simple, draw really simplified buildings and skyscrapers and change up the shape and size of each building. Add some dimension and draw buildings behind the building you just drew. None of it has to be perfect. I personally don’t like to even use a straightedge with this project. I use small quick strokes with my pen to keep a sketchy-y look to it. Use color or stay gray-scale. 


Project 5: This may be a more difficult project, but if you’re up for a challenge, I really enjoy this one. Pick a word and rewrite it on a page in multiple fonts, colors, directions and sizes. Or, you can add small doodles or elements to spice up the project. 

Project 6: Similar to Project 5 but this time all the words and drawings are based on a person. Pick somebody (or yourself) you’d like to base this project and find everything that describes or identifies that person (sports, activities, hobbies, favorite color, inside jokes, nicknames, friends’ names, etc.). Write all these words, doodles, or phrases in various directions, fonts, colors, and with different elements. 


Project 7: Draw a line (doesn’t have to be straight). Write two dots on the line you’ve drawn and connect the two dots with curved lines. Repeat the process until you have the page filled. Add curved lines in the spaces in between. Color it in or change up the background with paint, marker or watercolor!


Here’s a video:

Project 8: If you have paint laying around (acrylic paint or watercolor works too), here’s a project for you! Simply use colors that relatively work together or do not mix to make brown or black and mix them on the page messily! This can be an ombre or just a random mixture of a multitude of colors. Then, (if you want)  add a quote on top.