Q & A with the leads of Pride and Prejudice

This year, the Patriot Players’ fall play was based on Jane Austen’s iconic novel, Pride and Prejudice. Naira Jain and Kyler Granados, the two leads, shared everything that went into the production of the play, as well as some of their favorite backstage memories.

Q: How do you remember all your lines? Any tricks to remember them?

A: Naira – I ran my lines obsessively in order to remember them all, and that’s really it — practice practice practice. Dr. Butterworth taught me a trick of writing down the first letter of every word in a sentence you say as an abridged version of memorization — it works well as an in-between step on your way to complete memorization.

Q: What made you want to be a part of this production?

A: Kyler – My mom and her love of Pride and Prejudice made me want to do this show. Making my portrayal of Mr. Darcy as perfect as I could for her was my number one objective. She was very proud, as it was quite the task.

Q: What was your overall experience like?

A: Naira – Being a part of Pride and Prejudice has been a life changing experience which I will never forget; working with such a wonderful cast to make such a beautiful production has been an honor.

Q: Did anything go wrong during the performances? If so how did you fix it?

A: Kyler – The costume I wore would get extremely warm because I was wearing wool on wool on wool, or so it felt, and it made it difficult to focus on my task with my scene and forget my place. It happened in the last scene of one of the shows, which wasn’t good. To solve this, during long periods when I wasn’t on stage, I would take the coat off, unbutton the vest, loosen the ascot and step outside, where the breeze and upper thirties temperature cooled me off. I had no problems after starting that.