Radium Girls: history on stage

Radium Girls is a play based on the true story of the women and men who worked for the U.S. Radium Corporation in Orange, N.J. Set in 1926, it follows the efforts of Grace Fryer (played by Alya Phillips), a dial painter, as she fights for her day in court to prove that radium is causing the mysterious illness that is killing the girls who paint watches with it. Throughout the play, Grace finds herself not just fighting the U.S. Radium Corporation, but also her own family and friends, who are unsure about how ef

Partners-in-crime: Arthur Roeder, played by Logan Johnson (12), and C.B. “Charlie” Lee, played by Carson Wong (10), discuss the business of the U.S. Radium Corporation as president and vice president of the company respectively. Radium Girls is Johnson and Wong’s second production together, and they’ve grown to be great friends. “This is our second time working together as ‘partners-in-crime’. I think that we honestly play pretty well off of each other and we’re able to give each other the necessary amount of effort,” Johnson said of his acting partner.

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