T.V. Review: Riverdale

Bailie Shultz, Entertainment Editor

Riverdale is based on the similar characters and settings of the comic “Archie.” In the first episode, the audience is immersed into the cryptic town of Riverdale. Immediately the town is hit with murder of a beloved twin. The murder encourages Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and the rest of Riverdale’s residents to take a closer look at the scandals and secrets lurking under the seemingly wholesome, all-American surface of their hometown. As the series continues, you learn more about each character and the divides between the characters of Riverdale. Each character is intertwined in ways you could not imagine. Some members of the audience may feel bombarded with the extreme load of sub plots; however, I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy them. Riverdale is similar to any other high school soap-opera- 90210, Gossip girl and, Freaks and Geeks-but there is more suspense and murders than most of your average high school dramas.