Movie Review: Dunkirk

Abby Russell, Entertainment Editor

Have you heard that Harry Styles is in the new movie Dunkirk? It must be about boosting young teenage girls’ self-esteems! Actually, no. As much as the world loves Harry Styles’ and One Direction’s message, it’s not expressed in Christopher Nolan’s movie, Dunkirk. Terror, paranoia, and excitement gush from Nolan’s movie, which tells the story of French and British troops evacuating France in an escape from a German invasion on the beaches of Dunkirk during WWII. The movie has no main protagonist but follows three perspectives: the air force, navy, and army. While the movie was a fantastic thriller with amazing scenes, it seemed to lack an audience-to-character connection. I didn’t feel like I could empathize with them. However, this movie brilliantly depicts war and its paranoia. Nolan doesn’t incorporate an abundance of dialogue but uses the element of silence and certain noises to represent the suspense of war. If you love factual, thrilling war movies, Dunkirk won’t disappoint.