Artisans of Liberty showcase their creations

Abby Russell, Entertainment Editor

Jana Merca: Jewelry

“I make necklaces in all different sizes as a form of stress relief. One day my friend asked, ‘Omg can I buy one?’ I didn’t even think about selling the jewelry I made until then. Eventually I got the point where I needed to make an Instagram, @jemsbyjan, for my necklaces in order to keep track of them all. After people followed the account, that’s when people started to show interest in buying my jewelry. I first got introduced to jewelry making through my volleyball friend. I’m a very kinetic person so being able to move my hands and following a pattern is relaxing for me, especially when I’m just watching T.V.”

Lilly Moore: Jewelry

“I make necklaces and bracelets, and I usually use wire to shape the jewelry and sometimes beads. From a young age I have enjoyed crafting in my free time; at first I would paint and draw, but once I got older I became better with creating objects, like jewelry. I find a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Making jewelry, to me, is relaxing and it’s cool to be able to focus on something other than school and be able to relieve stress. Making Jewelry gives something for my hands to do and something fun to work on.”

Emma Cunningham: Clothes

“At first I just doodled for fun, but then this guy contacted me, showing interest in making shirts out of them. He created the shirts, and I was able to sell them on Pinterest. People really liked them so I asked if he would make more, but I’m not in contact with him anymore. I’m trying to find a new company that can help me make my t-shirts that is not super expensive. If enough people want the shirts I make, I’ll be able to create more. Everyone who had bought one of my shirts really enjoyed wearing them, and I loved that people were able to wear my drawings.”