The Patriot Players go mad for the fall play

Abby Russell, Entertainment Editor

Evil businessmen, a mad old lady, and French people—you can find them all in this fall’s play. The Mad Woman of Chaillot, set in Paris, tells the story of street people banding together with the Mad Woman to stop greedy businessmen from drilling oil beneath Paris.
Senior Anna Woldstad, the lead female actress in the fall play, performs as the Mad Woman.
“She’s old, crazy, and in love with life. My motive as the Mad Woman is to try and turn the world into a happy and beautiful place, like the one God made it to be. Throughout the play, I try to reassure people that my outlook on life is still alive,” Woldstad said.
Along with the comedy and liveliness of the play, the students participating are enthused about the upcoming show.
“I’m excited for everyone to come see the show. I love waking up as Nick Cacchione, and then being able to go to theatre production and also be a character like Pierre; it’s a whole different world,” junior Nick Cacchione said.
Within the play, characters are described in humorous ways but also face difficult problems that will later be challenged through the inspiration of the Mad Woman.
“My character is the Rag Picker. He is an ex-salesman who has now resorted to digging through people’s garbage to find things to sell. That’s how I get my lunch. He is saddened by the condition of society and how capitalized the world has become. He wants everything to change for the better,” junior Truman Ricks said.
In addition to the issue of capitalism taking over France, some characters are faced with different sorts of disputes.
“My character’s name is Pierre. He’s very interesting, and at first he is hired to plant a bomb on a building in Paris, but doesn’t go through with it because of sudden circumstances, which lead to his depression,” Cacchione said.
This play, though shorter than plays in the past, is still able to incorporate sadness, comedy, and happiness through its characters—something the Patriot Players want to share with Liberty.
“The students of Liberty should expect great acting, incredible set pieces, enthralling performances, and just a complete change of heart,” Ricks said.