Patriot Press Reviews: Suicide Squad

Tina Bardot, Staff Writer

Many people have mixed feelings on the summer movie Suicide Squad which features a story about villains assembling to do good. Set in the DC universe, enemies of heroes such as Batman and Superman are brought together by the government in order to fight a world-scale threat– an ancient force bent on world destruction. Some bash the plot for being simplistic or not following people’s expectations of the comic book coming to life, yet the movie is still enjoyable for people without previous knowledge of the DC world. Going into the movie theater, I was somewhat skeptical about how much I would like the movie. Eventually, I came to enjoy its mix of comedic and serious moments. However, I could also anticipate most of the events which unfolded.  The characters can be one-dimensional and predictable at times, but this doesn’t rob the movie of its entertainment as long as one isn’t expecting to make an epic discovery in this film.