Patriot Press Reviews: Stranger Things

Abby Russell, Entertainment Editor

This last summer Netflix came out with another hit series called Stranger Things. When watching the first episode, I was very suspicious about what this T.V. series was about—all I knew was all the hype on twitter involving little kids and a terrifying monster. After watching the series however, I believed it to be remarkable. I fell in love with the characters, the innocent romance, and the horrifying monster. The plot of the series is so complex and the whole show illuminates an eerie atmosphere that keeps the audience on edge. In words, this series accomplished making Christmas lights seem ominous, which is unbelievable! It’s full of surprises, and if you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you invest in an inexpensive Netflix account, and watch this series.  It is perfect for the month of October, and if you love creepy mysteries that are frightening and disturbing like me, this is the series for you!