Seniors: 15 things you must do before graduation

Jocelyn Tierney, Entertainment Editor

  1. Skip school with your closest friends (As Ferris Bueller-like as possible)
  2. Attend a school event you normally wouldn’t (School musical? Track meet? Jazz Band performance?)
  3. Conduct an epic (and legal) Senior prank!
  4. Leave a note in a library book/ textbook for someone to find later
  5. Learn to do things like do laundry, cook, and car maintenance, sew a button before college
  6. Make a time capsule with friends, and open in 5 years
  7. Have a movie marathons of high-school classics (Toy Story 3, Grease, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, High School Musical 3)
  8. Say thank you to a teacher or staff member who has inspired you
  9. Sit in the Cafeteria again for old times’ sake
  10. Register to vote (because it’s your civic duty!)
  11. Read your “letter to yourself” from freshman year and cry
  12. Take a video of walking from one class to the next on last day of school (to watch in 10 years and smile)
  13. Go to Prom
  14. Sign a million yearbooks
  15. Decorate your grad cap