Patriot Press Reviews: Castle

Amanda Latham, Staff Writer

This TV show is meant for almost anyone, from those of us who love mystery and suspense to those who crave drama and romance with a mix of comedy. From episode one you can see the humor reveled through Richard Castle, a murder mystery novelist who starts helping the NYPD solve murders.
In the beginning Castle had to somehow get himself to be able to help the NYPD by asking his dear friend the mayor to get him in. Since he is such a famous writer he knows a lot of people that give him access to many things including helping the NYPD solve murder cases. There are even some hints towards sparks between Kate Becket, a member of the NYPD, and Castle.
Throughout each episode there is a lot of suspense where the NYPD solves murders that occasionally put them into harm’s way leading to near death. Castle writes his novels based on these murder cases. In almost every episode, Castle is the one to figure out the murderer due to his creative imagination. This show has such a mix of genres that anyone could watch it.