Patriot Press Reviews: A Court of Thorns and Roses

Bella Francavilla, Staff Writer

After years of thinking I had read so many wonderful books, none could compare to this book. The biggest page turner ever read in the whole library. This book is a powerful combination of mystery, suspense and a fierce passion like no other. The shear amount of detail and exposition portrayed in this book is exquisite, like when Sarah describes the world the characters live in. In just 416 pages you have the chance to explore two new worlds and new adventures to go on with the main character, Feyre.
The beginning may start at off at a slow start, but once the plot begins to get in depth, it takes off. This book is one that when you are finished you will wish you could forget and re-read. Thankfully, there is a sequel (I am not joking, I actually almost cried because I found out the story did not just end there) and the story can blissfully continue. I recommend this book to people who enjoy a powerful novel and who love the challenge of anticipation. Caution: You will not be able to put this book down!