TeenTix helps teens experience Seattle’s art scene

Issabelle Hayden, Senior Writer

Plays, musicals, comedy shows, symphonies: although these are not the evening events that many teens frequent, TeenTix is working to change that.
TeenTix is a free service that partners with organizations in Seattle to provide opportunities for teens to experience the Seattle art scene without the large price tag. Following a short (and free!) sign-up process on teentix.org, you will be sent a TeenTix card, and then you can start attending fun art events in Seattle for just a fraction of the regular ticket price.
Pass, cash, I.D. Once you have signed up for TeenTix these are the only things you need to remember in order to have a stress-free experience.
Pass: If you do not have your pass with you, you cannot get the TeenTix price. Lost your pass? No worries! You can request a new pass on TeenTix.org, and they will send you a printable temporary one to use until your new one comes in the mail.
Cash: In order to get the TeenTix price you must pay in cash at the box office on the day of the event, which should not be a problem, because the TeenTix price is only $5.00. (Every so often the price is a little more depending on the show’s prestige.)
I.D.: You guessed it, TEENTix is a service only for TEENS. For this reason, they may ask for your I.D. at the box office to confirm that you are in fact within the ages of 13 and 19.
Pretty simple, right? And TeenTix even has a calendar you can check for upcoming events. This service is a great opportunity to start taking advantage of the amazing place we live, and experience all that Seattle has to offer, while also discovering that there is more to entertainment than the newest Will Ferrell movie or Justin Bieber’s new single.