Patriot Press Reviews: The Martian

Katrina Filer, Editor-In-Chief

The Martian is a movie that follows the story of a man named Mark Watney, who was stranded on Mars after his fellow astronauts left him, supposedly dead, on the planet after a storm.
I was skeptical at first about watching two and a half hours about a lonely guy trying to survive in space. However, Matt Damon brought Watney to life, adding in plenty of humor despite his serious situation. I found myself genuinely caring about the fate of his character. The film also focused on the efforts NASA was taking to bring Watney home and on the experiences of his fellow crew members.
The original novel was written by scientist Andy Weir, so the science in both the book and the movie is based on valid research. However, that doesn’t mean that The Martian is reserved solely for science nerds. All different kinds of people can appreciate the genius of Andy Weir reflected in the film.
The Martian is a beautifully filmed movie set in a realistic world of science and technology that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you watch Watney survive in a new world.
Plus, he’s technically a space pirate. Now you have to watch it.