Q&A with the Stars: Truman Ricks and Anna Woldstad

Jocelyn Tierney, Entertainment Editor

“As You Like It” is this year’s fall play that will be showing November 19, 20, and 21. It has drama, comedy, action, and music all taking place in a steampunk forest. The female protagonist is Rosalind (Anna Woldstad), whose father is exiled, breaking her heart until she meets Orlando (Truman Ricks), her faithful lover. These two leads give more details about this upcoming production.

Q: What other productions have you been apart of? What’s

AW: I have been a part of the student directed One Acts for two years, last year directing and two years ago acting. The Fall Play “You Can’t Take it With You” was my stage debut. This play is incredibly different because not only is it Shakespeare and a new director, but I have about a million more lines to memorize than I have ever had in the past.
TR: I have been part of a few productions in the past, including Seussical Jr. and You Can’t Take it With You, but since both shows were in modern

Q:What are you most excited/proud of about in regards to this
AW: I’m looking forward to seeing the audience experience the interactions between all of the eccentric characters. I think they’ll be amused.
TR: I’m really excited to finally be a romantic lead. Aside from getting to hold girls’ hands (which is a definite plus), I finally get to explore roles other than comedy reliefs and sarcastic jerks. I can honestly say I am excited to have this chance to become a more diverse actor.

Q: Why should the student body come to watch and support this
AW: Come support “As You Like It” because theatre is magic, and your fellow Patriots have poured so much of themselves into the production. You do not want to miss it.
TR: “As You Like It” is a conglomerate of everything we enjoy about High School. It’s got romance, action, beautiful men and women (who doesn’t like eye candy?), fist fights and wrestling, plus your English teachers will be so impressed that you took time aside from to school for Shakespeare.

Q: How is Dr. Butterworth different/ changing the program
AW: Dr. Butterworth is doing a great job as the new director and drama organizer! He is adding a lot of fresh ideas to the program, and many more events then we have had in previous drama years.
TR: Dr. Butterworth has changed the Theater program only for the better. We are all super excited to have this chance to learn from him and when he came, he worked with us to keep the systems that have worked in the past, and also identified the bad habits we had formed as well. He’s helped to make rehearsals a lot more efficient, meaning we get to go home earlier, and with AP homework to get done that’s quite a blessing.