Tips to survive Black Friday


– SET a budget… and stick to it. This is critical to avoid post shopping depression.

– CREATE a game plan: Make a list of what you want and where you are planning on getting it. Create a strict schedule to maximize your winnings.

– HAVE a list of things you want so you don’t impulsively buy things.

-DRESS for success: wear comfortable shoes and lightweight clothing because Black Friday shopping is a serious workout.

– PEE before you leave! You don’t want to waste time waiting in a crazy long line for the restroom when you could be shopping.

– IF your shopping buddy is slowing you down, don’t be afraid to leave them behind. You can apologize on Christmas with the awesome gift you’re going to get them!

– THE earlier you leave the better; the items you want, thousands of other people want too.

– DON’T show any signs of weakness.

– RATION the amount of water you drink because you don’t want to be having to go to the bathroom very five minutes.

– DON’T ever think about giving up!

– HAVE an open mind because you might find great deals and cool things without even planning it.

– HAVE someone who isn’t going to the Black Friday sales drop you off to save time instead of looking for a parking space.

– DON’T forget to save some funds for Cyber-Monday!