Liberty hosts its first Battle of the Bands

Joel Tinseth, Beat Editor

On Tuesday, May 13, Liberty High School witnessed the first ever Battle of the Bands, which was coordinated by Band Director Jared Tanner.

“The event was really fun with eight student acts and one teacher band,” Tanner said. “There were about 140 in the audience and I anticipate a much bigger crowd and more music groups next year.”

Among the great student bands, the faculty band consisting of Thruelson, Tanner, Womble, Dalpez, Wood, and Kurtz participated in the show by playing a few catchy tunes and thus proving that the Liberty High School faculty had a previously unrevealed musical talent.

No one was naked at the show.

The songs played ranged from harmonious acoustic duos to a rendition of Led Zeppelin’s classic song “Kashmir”, gracefully plucked from Physical Graffiti, a true rock and roll classic. The musical diversity of Liberty High School shined through at the Battle of the Bands, and the true talent of our school radiated from all corners of our brand new and grand PAC.

According to Tanner, there will be another competition next year, so if you missed out this time, there is still hope for next year. Though all musicians fought and rocked hard, the declared winners were Maybelle Morales, Socks and Sandals, The Habbi, and Derpa Chiefs

“It was really amazing to see everything come together,” said junior Drew Brady, the Battle of the Bands master of ceremonies. “The faculty band was awesome and they were accompanied by some really amazing acts. The show went on beautifully and I can’t wait until next year.”

From the loud guitars to the thumping drums, the grooving bass and the screaming trumpets, Liberty’s first ever Battle of the Bands was a huge success that was an excellent showcase of Liberty’s diversity and musical expertise.