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Tanner: the man behind the band

Jared Tanner took over for the band and guitar classes at LHS after filling long-term sub Matt Smtih’s spot and will be teaching here for the foreseeable future.

Q: What brought you to Liberty?

A: There was a job opening and the music community is pretty small so I was first told “oh, there’s a job opening here and I think you’d be a good fit for it” and there’s two guitar classes that I teach as well as three bands, and it’s just the perfect fit; I’m a guitar player and I have been as long as I’ve been a trumpet player and I get to do classical music as well.  I couldn’t find a better fit in a lot of ways.

Q: Do you like the job so far?

A: I love it so far. I’ve only really been teaching for a week now, but the kids have all been really welcoming and glad to have me here.  It feels really good to be welcomed and wanted.

Q: Does band or guitar have any upcoming goals?

A: My goal for guitar class is that the beginning kids can play most things that they want to be able to play; if they have a song on the radio that they really like, they can go online and find a video or some tabs and they can figure it out.  I also want to get them singing, we do some singing as a class together so we can play and sing.  For the band, I want us to be always striving to make better music, always playing better together, always having better sound and sounding more professional all the time.  I want the band to go on trips where they get to work with great musicians, maybe at colleges or professional or semiprofessional groups in the area or even out of the area.

Q: Are there any different songs that band will be playing for football?

A:We’re doing some different stuff, and I’m hoping to get something new out in a couple weeks that everyone will know, but I’m not going to say what it is- it’ll be a surprise.