Thank you artists

Kendall Isner

When looking at art, it’s often easy to think, “I could do that”. But the truth is that artistic expression is often harder than it seems. Some of the less artistically inclined. Patriot Press staff took on the challenge and created the following “works of art.”

As writers on the Patriot Press staff, we realize that there are times when words cannot express an emotion, scene, or image. It is during these times that we rely on art. Artists can create images that words could never equal; artworks do not only convey a simple scene,but have the ability to illustrate emotions as well.

For the majority of our lives, we have been surrounded by art. We’ve grown up looking at picture books, cartoons, paintings and sculptures. Pieces of art have added new dimensions to stories. Students and faculty alike are exposed to artistic expression daily here at Liberty.

Take a moment to imagine a world without talented artists that are capable of producing real works. We would lose a form of expression. Members of the Press staff, specifically those that tend to excel in the realm of “wordly” expressions, have attempted to prove the point that true artists, as well as works of art, are just as important as they are rare. Thank you, artists.