There’s an App for that!

Rachel Wittenberg

Need help studying for the SATs? There’s an app for that. Need help avoiding studying for the SATs? There’s an app for that, too. It’s no newsflash that the use of apps can both make life more convenient and less convenient at the same time. But what most students might not know is that there are useful apps that can make school more convenient! Getting homework done quicker with these apps leaves more time for… distracting apps? Here’s some staff picks for both!

SAT Q of the Day:

Keep up on your SAT studies with a quick question each day.

iTunes U:

Explore endless books and apps that can teach you about the world.


Flashcards to help studying those endless vocab words or concepts.

TED Talks:

Buchli’s favorite, access to cool talks.


: Try to trick this genius Aladdin with your endless knowledge of old actors.


: That’s right. Hours of entertainment in app form. You’re welcome.

The Moron Test

: Can you pass?

Webkinz Games:

Relive elementary school dreams.