Hey Liberty, can we go thrift shopping?

Jacob Johnston

Macklemore’s breakout single “Thrift Shop” has created greater awareness for the old-fashioned industry. The single has shed new light on the idea of thrift shopping and the items people can find.

So why do people buy clothes at thrift shops?  The answer is pretty obvious: to save money. But underneath all of that, there is something else:  “Things at thrift stores are unique, creative and can express your style,” avid thrift shopper, junior Natalie Gress said.

Others don’t believe in the idea of buying others’ used clothes.

“I don’t really like the feeling of other people wearing my clothes before me… designer stores have more options and have clothes that fit me better,” sophomore Devin Anderson said.

However, Macklemore critiques materialistic consumers that spend outrageous amounts of money on designer clothes.

“Fifty dollars for a T-shirt… I call that getting tricked by a business,” Macklemore raps on the hit.

Some believe that Macklemore has had a positive influence on the industry. Others, not so much.

Junior Claire Moore says that the song does not shed a good light on thrift shopping.  According to her, Macklemore’s song “does not accurately portray thrift shopping… and demeans the creativity of it.”

Fighting for the song’s positive influence is Gress.

“When I first began thrift shopping, people thought it was gross that I was wearing clothes that other people had worn but Macklemore’s song emphasizes the recycling part of thrift shopping in an encouraging light,” Gress said.