Constructing and conducting

Matt Campbell

Imagine a world where carrying a 50 pound cello and cramming an oversized class into a space barely fit for one student is a daily task. This nightmare is a reality for Liberty’s music programs —due to construction, choir has been displaced to the auxiliary gym and the band and orchestra have been placed in a portable.

Choir must deal with a lack of water, which is vital to keep voices clear for practice.

“It takes us three minutes to get to a bathroom for water because there is no running water in the gym,” junior Eric Spradling said.

Storage is also an issue for choir but the singers find a way to get past this inconvenience.

“The kids have to carry the risers in and out of class, which we are making more streamlined, but it takes ten minutes and I use every single second of class,” choir director Robin Wood said.

Orchestra, packed into portable seven, has tried to make the best out of their situation.

“We have 65 of us, and just getting in everyday is a giant challenge,” orchestra director Jana Dalpez said.

Band, another victim of relocation, calls portable seven their home as well.

“The room is about half the size and there is no storage so all the instruments you can see,” band director Phil Donley said.

The music programs are looking forward to a new preforming arts center predicted to be done in December.