ASB Elections Class of 2023

President: Jami Murillo, Somit Mathur










Slogan: “Don’t be lamey, Vote for Jami!”

Hello, my name is Jami Murillo, I am currently a sophomore at Liberty and I have strong aspirations to be your Junior President this upcoming school year. My hope is that I can serve and represent the student body in any way that I can. I am passionate about making a difference (whether it is small or large) and that passion drives the desire to serve, support, and make meaningful connections throughout my time at Liberty. Overall, I am here to listen and be an advocate for your voice. With the struggles and hardships, we have all experienced in the past year, I want to aim to rebuild a stronger sense of community that we have been deprived of. Don’t be lamey, vote for Jami as your 2021-2022 Junior President.











Slogan: Vote Somit for president it’s pretty evident

Hi, my name is Somit Mathur, and I am running to be your Asb president. A bit about me is I have gone to liberty high school for the last two years and would love to give back to the liberty community. If I were to be elected in office, my main priority would be making sure you guys, the students are heard, and your opinion is taken into consideration when making decisions in asb. I would also be extremely proactive when it comes to reaching out to the liberty student body, and I will always be open for anybody to reach out to me if they need anything. If the reasons listed above interest you, then I strongly urge you to consider voting Somit Mathur for your Asb president.

Vice President: Sophia Mirante, Michael Buono, Malavika Brijesh












Slogan: I’ve got an idea vote for Sophia!

My motivation for running for Vice President is the chance of being able to make contributions that encourage Liberty. I would love more than anything to bring forward my positivity, experience, and leadership skills to my fellow patriots and to help everyone thrive in school as well as outside of school. I am fully committed to what I do and have a cheery personality. I want to make a difference here at Liberty, and I believe that together we can!









Slogan: Buono is bueno. Vote Michael for VP

Hi, my name is Michael Buono and I’m running for Junior Vice President. I enjoy working with others and hope to bring more connections when we come back next year. In my last 2 years of ASB experience, I’ve been able to serve you all and I hope to continue it as your Junior Vice President. Stay safe everyone, and vote for Michael Buono.













Slogan: Will go the extra mile just to make you smile.

Hi everyone! My name is Malavika Brijesh and I am running for Junior Class Vice President. I want to serve our amazing liberty community and bring a smile to every face. I want to make everyone feel safe and happy at school, and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen. I believe that every voice matters, and I am looking forward to receiving your feedback to improve our community. Make sure to vote Mal for Vice President! Thank you!

Secretary: Casey Keegan










Slogan: You’ll have a frowny face if you don’t vote for Case!

I hope you reelect Casey Keegan for the third time as the class secretary!

Treasurer: Leo Fan










Slogan: Your vote matters, vote right!

As the class Treasurer, I will do my best to ensure we spend the money we raise on things in the best possible ways. I fit this role extremely well because I am both practical and reasonable. You can count on me as your class Treasurer.

Male Senator: Arkin Rao, Nicholas Grabowski










Slogan: I know what you did

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked.” T.S Elliot said that– maybe. Why can’t we live through the eyes of radical indifference. Why can’t we have chocolate milk in the water fountains? Why can’t my heart say the things it needs over what it wants. We need a railway that connects my house to the grocery store. We need underground playwrights to be tied up to flag posts. We need crutches for ants. We need CHANGE! And change can only come from a strong senator.









Slogan: ASB needs NRG

I would love to be elected again, I have previous experience from the past 2 years and would like to serve you another. I would give my attention and care to ASB and would be open to new ideas. In conclusion, I feel that I’m a great choice for senator.

Female Senator: Andie Moon












Slogan: Voting is soon so vote for Moon!

Hey, I’m Andie Moon and I am running to be your female senator! I absolutely love supporting and serving Liberty and all my peers! I believe all of the students have voices that should be listened to. I aspire to make these voices heard and be taken into consideration! Voting is soon so vote for Moon as your female senator.