The benefit of self-quarantine

This is not how we thought 2020 would go, nor how we wanted it to go–senior prom might be cancelled. But in all seriousness, the world has come to a halt, many people have a serious illness, and the economy is tumbling. Amidst all this heartache, it is important to remember the benefits of self-quarantine, and how to stay positive in these unusual circumstances.

Brooke Ury, Opinion Editor

  1. Everyone is providing a benefit to society. By staying home and participating in self-quarantine, we are preventing coronavirus from spreading further. This keeps the number of people infected by the virus down, and keeps hospital beds open for those that become ill with coronavirus or those that have other medical emergencies.
  2. Lots of extra free time. When is the last time that we had this much free time on our hands? Use this to your advantage! Watch the TV show or read the book you never quite got around to, organize the closet that hasn’t been touched in years, create a seven-course meal, or learn a fun skill.
  3. A new opportunity to be with family. Even though self-quarantine has driven many people apart, it has brought families together. Take the time to talk to your sibling that is home from college, discover what your parents do at work all day, or find fun at-home activities to do with your whole family. Look through old photo albums or dust off a board game to create some lasting memories.
  4. Discover more about yourself. Being in high school, many of us are at a crossroads in our life. We are trying to figure out who we are and what we want to do with our lives in a high-stress environment. Taking the time to relax and spend time with ourselves can help give us direction in our lives.